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Zeman, Čína, Trump, Saudská Arábie

Brookings: The $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news

There is no $110 billion deal. Instead, there are a bunch of letters of interest or intent, but not contracts. Many are offers that the defense industry thinks the Saudis will be interested in someday. So far nothing has been notified to the Senate for review. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the arms sales wing of the Pentagon, calls them “intended sales.” None of the deals identified so far are new, all began in the Obama administration. ...

President Obama sold the kingdom $112 billion in weapons over eight years, most of which was a single, huge deal in 2012 negotiated by then-Secretary of Defense Bob Gates. To get that deal through Congressional approval, Gates also negotiated a deal with Israel to compensate the Israelis and preserve their qualitative edge over their Arab neighbors. With the fall in oil prices, the Saudis have struggled to meet their payments since. You will know the Trump deal is real when Israel begins to ask for a package to keep the Israeli Defense Forces’ qualitative edge preserved.

sobota 20. května 2017

News Coverage of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed coverage from Trump’s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets. They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports. (Heatstreet)

Trump’s first 100 days were a landmark. On national television, Trump was the topic of 41 percent of all news stories—three times the usual amount. It was also the case that Trump did most of the talking. He was the featured speaker in nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of his coverage. Altogether, Republicans, inside and outside the administration, accounted for 80 percent of what newsmakers said about the Trump presidency. (Harvard)

Fox was the only outlet where Trump’s overall coverage nearly crept into positive territory—52 percent of Fox’s reports with a clear tone were negative, while 48 percent were positive. Fox’s coverage was 34 percentage points less negative than the average for the other six outlets. (Harvard)

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Návrh regulace autonomních aut v Kalifornii

Zatímco v Kalifornii se začne projednávat regulace umožňující opravdové nasazení autonomních aut do normálního provozu (!), tak zde je pohled na to, jak to vypadá.

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FOX News

Trump ví, kterým novinářům dát možnost otázek na tiskovkách, resp. kde jsou jeho voliči.
(Trump has only taken questions from the conservative media in the last 2 weeks)

sobota 28. ledna 2017

Izraelský robot "follow me" pro americkou armádu

Podle přání zákazníka lze Probot V2 osadit nejrůznějším softwarem i senzory - pomocí laserového radaru (LIDAR) dokáže software robota “chápat” okolí a pohybovat se v něm. Robot pomocí LIDARu a příslušného softwaru například pozná vedoucí osobu a automaticky ji následuje.

neděle 22. ledna 2017

"This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period."

Kvalitní začátek Trumpovy administrativy. První den v úřadu, první tiskovka a už útok na média a "skandálek" ohledně počtu lidí na inauguraci.



Breitbart News

Ještě WashPost.

A následně vysvětlení od poradkyně Trumpa.

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Presidential inaugurations since 1789

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Miloš Goes to Washington

Z rozhovoru WashPost s Milošem Zemanem:

Q. Why did an invitation never come from Obama?

A. I disagree with his position toward Israel. . . . I dislike any hesitation in this area. And more than that, the situation in the Middle East. Obama’s policy destroyed practically all the Middle East’s structures and countries.

Q. Then it is untrue? You are not pro-Russian?

A. I am not financed by Russia . . . no vodka from Russia, no money from Russia. . . . They say that I am even paid by Russians, but in fact I am only an agent of Czechia, the Czech Republic.

Q. You have said there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Can you explain?

A. Let me start with Nazi Germany. ...

středa 11. ledna 2017

Hejna dronů

Od srpna 2015, kdy jsem psal o hejnech dronů (swarm), jsme se zase o kus posunuli, tedy Američani:

"With a whine like a swarm of giant angry wasps descending on a picnic, 103 micro-drones recently carried out organized maneuvers in the skies over China Lake, California. Billed by the US Department of Defense (DoD) as the world's largest micro-drone swarm, the Perdix drones were launched last October from three F/A-18 Super Hornets and autonomously carried out a series of missions that demonstrated collective decision-making, adaptive formation flying, and self-healing."

"Due to the complex nature of combat, Perdix are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, they are a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature," says SCO Director William Roper. "Because every Perdix communicates and collaborates with every other Perdix, the swarm has no leader and can gracefully adapt to drones entering or exiting the team."

Níže video vypuštění a pak struktura manévrů: